We make a difference

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me” – Matthew 25:40.

There is no greater joy than giving and bringing in a smile in the life of the under privileged people. We in our church believe that we exist here for a purpose and we firmly believe the greatest of blessing is to fulfil the ministry which Christ has initiated – Serving others! The mission team in our church works diligently in identifying the most deserving groups in need. The team works with communities in order to equip the needy with the necessary resources and enable them to be self-sufficient. Also, the team works alongside the governmental authorities to rescue the victimised, bonded labourers and the destitutes and restore their hope. The prime mission of the church is to build stronger communities and through this showcase the love of Christ. Given below are the highlights of our Church’s reach out programme.

The church prioritises its mission towards the terminally ill people. Children and adults who are affected with Cancer, AIDS, Heart diseases and other life threatening diseases. The church provides dignified, compassionate, comfort-oriented care to terminally ill people in our communities regardless of their age, race, religion. To empower them to live with the highest quality of life and to ensure our availability for them whenever they need a comforting shoulder that they can lean on.

“We reach out to the children who are orphaned, victimised and abandoned. The church tirelessly works with the orphan homes in an around the state to identify their needs. We always remember that every child’s life is priceless and we contribute towards changing their future through love of God. We also work alongside organisations working towards rescuing victimised children and adults and support them with the suitable resources to enhance their livelihood.

To positively contribute towards economic, environmental and social well-being of communities. Create a lasting value for communities by Promoting and supporting education and other interventions for the under privileged. We particularly work with the socially backward people – people who are homeless, people who live in huts, shacks and temporary homes. We provide them with required resources and financial support to help them raise their standard of living. The church’s mission team also travels to the sparsely inhabited places to reach out to the tribal community. These communities are far behind any modern day advancement. They live together in closed groups where they literally do not have any basic needs. We work together and restore their livelihood.